Sondagem para as primárias Republicanas no New Hampshire infographic
A infografia mostra as últimas sondagens, um seguidor nacional de delegados, número previsto de delegados por candidato no estado e um cartograma a mostrar a distribuição nacional de delegados.


Primárias Republicanas no New Hampshire

By Phil Bainbridge

January 15, 2024 - Nikki Haley reduziu a 11 pontos distância para o antigo presidente Donald Trump no New Hampshire, em sondagens antes da votação de 23 Jane.

Ron DeSantis is trailing a distant third in the state, while Vivek Ramaswamy has dropped out of the race and endorsed Trump after coming in fourth in Iowa, with most of his support going to Trump or to a lesser extent DeSantis.

Trump’s lead nationally remains strong however, but Haley has increased her attacks on him, challenging him to step foot on a debate stage after he repeatedly opted to hold rallies rather than face the challengers. Haley has pulled out of the next GOP debate unless Trump attends, declaring the primaries a two-horse race between the two, and saying her next debate will be with either Trump or President Joe Biden for the presidency.

PUBLISHED: 18/01/2024; STORY: Graphic News