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 Japão enfrenta despovoamento infographic
A infografia mostra os dados do despovoamento do Japão.


Famílias japonesas recebem milhões de ienes para deixar Tóquio

By Ninian Carter

January 3, 2023 - O Japão está a tomar medidas para combater o despovoamento rural,
com incentivos financeiros para as famílias que abandonem Tóquio.

Japan is to bolster financial support to households to move away from the capital to combat depopulation in other areas of the country.

Beginning in 2023, eligible families who reside in the Tokyo metropolitan area will be offered 1 million yen ($7,700/€7,220/£6,400) per child if they move to a disadvantaged local area – this on top of a flat fee of ¥1 million to move away.

A Japanese family consisting of two parents and two children would receive ¥3 million ($23,000/€22,720/£19,140).

Rural areas are witnessing a rapid depopulation as young people, drawn to employment opportunities in cities, leave – resulting in empty homes and dwindling tax revenues.

Japan is facing a depopulation crisis as the rate of deaths exceeds that of births. Coupled with long life expectancy, by 2040 Japan could become a super-aged society where two out of every three households supports an elderly person.

PUBLISHED: 03/01/2023; STORY: Graphic News