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 Limite de preço ao petróleo russo infographic
A infogrfia mostra os detalhes do limite de preço e das receitas russas provenientes do comércio de combustíveis fósseis.


Entra em vigor o limite de preço do G7 ao petróleo russo

December 5, 2022 - O limite de preço ao petróleo russo enviado por mar do Grupo dos Sete Mais Ricos entrou em vigor na segunda-feira com o Ocidente a procurar enfraquecer a capacidade de Moscovo para financiar a sua guerra na Ucrânia.

The price cap, to be enforced by the G7 nations, the European Union and Australia, comes on top of the EU’s embargo on imports of Russian crude by sea and similar pledges by the United States, Canada, Japan and Britain, according to Reuters.

It allows Russian oil to be shipped to third-party countries using G7 and EU tankers, insurance companies and credit institutions, only if the cargo is bought at or below the price cap. As the world’s key shipping and insurance firms are based in G7 countries, the cap could make it difficult for Moscow to sell its oil for a higher price, Reuters said.

PUBLISHED: 05/12/2022; STORY: Graphic News