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 Central nuclear de Zaporíjia infographic
A infografia mostra os detalhes da central nuclear de Zaporíjia e a cronologia da invasão russa.


ONU solicita acesso a central nuclear ucraniana

August 8, 2022 - O Secretário Geral da ONU, António Guterres, lançou um apelo para que os inspetores internacionais tenham acesso à central nuclear de Zaporígia, na Ucrânia, após o segundo ataque em dias consecutivos.

Russian forces captured the plant in Ukraine's southeast in early March, shortly after Moscow's Feb. 24 invasion of its neighbour, but it is still run by Ukrainian technicians, according to Reuters.

Ukraine blamed Russia for renewed shelling in the area of the plant on Saturday that had damaged three radiation sensors and injured a worker. It was the second reported hit on the plant in as many days, following damage to a power line, Reuters said.

PUBLISHED: 08/08/2022; STORY: Graphic News