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 Caos nas viagens de verão na Europa infographic
A infografia mostra os principais problemas nas viagens de verão na Europa.


Greves e falta de pessoal ºerturbam as viagens de ver\ao

By Ninian Carter

July 25, 2022 - Greves e falta de pessoal estão a levar as companhias a cancelar milhares de voos, provocando extensas filas de passageiros nos aeroportos.

Staffing woes in Europe are likely to continue to cause travel headaches during the hectic summer season, with airports and airlines clamouring to find workers to replace ones who quit or were made redundant during the heights of the coronavirus pandemic.

Compounding the issue are strikes by air travel industry workers demanding better pay and conditions which are contributing to hours-long queues at major airports and swathes of flight cancellations – dashing the hopes of people attempting to jet-off abroad on their first summer vacation since Covid-19 lockdowns all-but shutdown the travel industry in 2020.

PUBLISHED: 25/07/2022; STORY: Graphic News