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 Importância do país nos cereais infographic
A infografia mostra a importância da Ucrânia na produção global de cereais.


Rússia chegam a acordo para a exportação de cereais

By Ninian Carter

July 22, 2022 - Foi conseguido um acordo entre a Rússia e a Ucrânia, mediado pela Turquia e Nações Unidas, que vai desbloquear 20 milhões de toneladas de cereais. Espera-se que a medida reduza os preços dos cereais e alivie a crise alimentar mundial.

A deal has been reached with Russia to allow Ukraine to resume exports of grain through the Black Sea.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, millions of people are at risk of hunger due to a shortage of Ukrainian grain, following Russia’s blockade of its Black Sea ports – 20 million tonnes of grain is stuck in silos in Odesa.

According to the Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, last year Ukraine exported 20 million tonnes of wheat, 5 million tonnes of barley and 25 million tonnes of maize (aka corn).

So far this year, Ukraine’s grain exports are down 30%, triggering soaring food prices.

If the deal is honoured, it would allow a significant number of ships to access grain stockpiles and export them to countries all over the world, from Spain to Saudi Arabia to Indonesia.

PUBLISHED: 22/07/2022; STORY: Graphic News