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 Sondagem eitoral em Israel infographic
A infografia mostra a distribuição de lugares na Knesset segundo uma sondagen de 29 de junho.


Israel vai para eleições em novembro

By Duncan Mil

July 1, 2022 - Quando Israel segue para as suas quintas eleições em menos de quatro anos, as sondagens mostram que o Likud de Benjamin Netanyahu pode conseguir 58 dos 120 lugares da Knesset, mas ainda aquém da maioria.

On Friday (July 1, 2022), Foreign Minister Yair Lapid officially takes over as caretaker prime minister until a general election slated for November 1.

A snap opinion poll conducted by Midgam/Mano Geva on June 29 for Channel 12 shows former ​prime minister Netanyahu’s Likud party on track to win the most seats. Still, the polls do not show that his right-wing bloc will necessarily have enough seats to gain a parliamentary majority and be able to form a ruling government.

The poll shows that the Yamina party -- whose leadership was handed over by outgoing Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to his colleague Ayelet Shaked -- would get five seats.

Interior minister Shaked, a declared potential ally of Netanyahu, recently said she was ready to sit in an alternate government under his leadership. According to the survey, were Shaked to align Yamina with Netanyahu’s Likud-led bloc, they would control 63 seats in the next Knesset, more than the 61 seats required to form a governing coalition.

The four previous elections were essentially referendums on Netanyahu’s fitness to serve during his ongoing corruption trial. Netanyahu, who heads the biggest party in Israel’s parliament, the right-wing Likud, has denied any wrongdoing.

PUBLISHED: 01/07/2022; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images