UE aprova embargo parcial ao petróleo russo infographic
A infografia mos os oledutos russos e a medida proposta pela UE.


UE aprova embargo parcial às importações de petróleo russo

May 31, 2022 - A União Europeia acordou uma sexta ronda de sanções contra Moscovo, incluindo uma proibição das importações de petróleo. Cerca de 2,3 milhões de barris de petróleo russo por dia chegam ao ocidente através de oleodutos e por via marítima.

The sanctions would forbid the purchase of crude oil and petroleum products from Russia delivered to member states by sea but include a temporary exemption for pipeline crude, European Council President Charles Michel said late Monday during a summit in Brussels, according to Bloomberg.

The European Commission has proposed to ban seaborne crude oil six months from adoption, while refined petroleum products would be halted in eight months, according to people familiar with the most recent version of the proposal. Shipments of oil through the giant Druzhba pipeline to central Europe will be spared until a technical solution is found that satisfies the energy needs of Hungary and other landlocked nations, Bloomberg said.

PUBLISHED: 31/05/2022; STORY: Graphic News