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 Relatório de situação no 89º dia infographic
A infografia mostra o relatório de situação no 89º dia da invasão russa da Ucrânia.


Relatório de situação da guerra na Ucrânia – dia 89

By Jordi Bou

May 23, 2022 - A Ucrânia rejeitou um cessar-fogo ou quaisquer concessões territoriais à Rússia, quando as forças de Moscovo acentuam o bombardeamento nas regiões do Donbas no que a Ucrânia descreveu como estratégia de "terra queimada".

Severodonetsk, in the eastern Luhansk region, is under “round-the-clock” indiscriminate bombardment as Russian troops attempt to encircle the city, the Ukrainian military said.

The heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine has taken a severe toll on Russia's military, British intelligence said, estimating that during the first three months of its war in Ukraine, Moscow has suffered a number of deaths similar to that experienced by the Soviet Union during its nine-year war in Afghanistan.

Russian shelling and missile strikes also kept pounding Ukraine's second-largest city, Kharkiv, in the north, as well as Mykolayiv and Zaporizhya in the south, Ukrainian officials said.

PUBLISHED: 23/05/2022; STORY: Graphic News