Rússia corta o fornecimento de gás à Polónia e Bulgária infographic
A infografia mostra os fornecimentos de gás russo à Europa e indica a dependência de cada país.


Rúussia usa a energia como arma contra a Polónia e Bulgária

By Ninian Carter

April 27, 2022 - O gigante da energia russo Gazprom diz ter cortado o gás à Polónia e
Bulgária pela sua recusa em pagarem os fornecimentos em rublos.

Russia’s Gazprom, the majority state-owned multinational energy corporation, says it has halted gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria over their refusal to pay for supplies in roubles.

Poland confirms supplies have stopped, but Bulgaria says it is unclear whether supplies had been halted (it also transports Russian gas, via an extension of the Turk Stream pipeline, to neighbouring Serbia and from there to Hungary).

Poland’s deputy foreign minister says the country can cope without Gazprom’s gas and made preparations many years ago for such a situation, including buying gas from the U.S. and gulf nations.

PGNiG, the Polish state gas company, bought 53% of its gas imports from Gazprom in the first quarter of 2022.

Bulgaria’s energy minister Alexander Nikolov, says it has paid for Russian gas deliveries for April, claiming Gazprom will be in breach of contract if it halts the flow now.

Bulgaria relies on Gazprom for more than 90% of its gas supply, but says it has found alternative sources and no restrictions on consumption are currently required.

PUBLISHED: 27/04/2022; STORY: Graphic News