Concentração militar russa em redor da Ucrânia infographic
A infografia mostra o número de tropas russas em redor da Ucrânia.


Presidente Biden diz que a Rússia pode invadir no próximo mês

By Jordi Bou

January 28, 2022 - Cerca de 130.000 tropas russas – equipadas com tudo desde tanques e artilharia a munições e poder aéreo – cercam agora a Ucrânia por todos os lados, mas Moscovo desmente que esteja a planear uma invasão.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the United States and NATO had not addressed Moscow's main security demands in their standoff over Ukraine, amid fears Russia could invade Ukraine.

Putin offered his first reaction to the U.S. and NATO responses to Russia's demands in a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron after weeks of personal public silence on the crisis, in which Russia has massed troops near Ukraine.

The U.S. rejected a key Moscow demand that Nato rule out Ukraine joining the defence alliance – but insisted it was offering Russia a “diplomatic path”.

U.S. President Joe Biden says Russia could invade next month. German intelligence says Russia is prepared to attack but has not yet decided to do so.

PUBLISHED: 28/01/2022; STORY: Graphic News