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 Apple revoluciona os pagamentos com cartões (2) infographic
A infografia mostra como funciona o sistema de pagamentos proposto pela Apple.


Atualização do iOS vai transformar os iPhones em terminais de pagamento pagamento

By Ninian Carter

February 11, 2022 - O Tap to Pay, incluído na atualização 15.4 do iOS da Apple, permite às
pequenas empresas transformarem um iPhone em terminal de pagamento.

In what could be a massive shake-up of the credit card payment business, Apple is said to be developing iPhone software that will allow a small business to use the smartphone to accept credit card payments, rendering costly third-party point of sale hardware, such as the market-leading Square Reader, obsolete.

Apple has been working on the new feature since it bought Canadian startup Mobeewave for $100m in 2020. The firm specialised in developing technology for smartphones to accept credit card payments using the devices’ Near Field Communication (NFC) chip/antenna.

Given that modern iPhones contain an NFC system already, it is most likely the new functionality will be included in a future iOS update – possibly iOS 15.4 – and be bundled in as part of existing Apple Pay technology.

There are over 11 billion EMV chip credit cards in circulation worldwide – cards with an embedded smart chip that stores data needed to process a transaction.

EMV security technology was pioneered by Europay, MasterCard and Visa way back in 1994, and has become the standard for payments made with credit, debit, or prepaid smart cards.

PUBLISHED: 16/03/2022; STORY: Graphic News