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 Índice de Perceções da Corrupção 2021 infographic
A infografia mostra dados selecionados do Índice de Perceções da Corrupção 2021 da Transparência Internacional.


Níveis de corrupção permanecem estáveis

By Jordi Bou

January 25, 2022 - A maioria dos países fez pouco ou nenhum progresso na redução dos
níveis de corrupção ao longo da última década, segundo um estudo anual do observatório Transparência Internacional.

The report ranks countries on a scale from a “highly corrupt” 0 to a “very clean” 100. Denmark, New Zealand and Finland tied for first place with 88 points each; the first two were unchanged, while Finland gained three points. Somalia (13), Syria (13) and South Sudan (11) remain at the bottom.

Since 2012, 23 countries have significantly declined – including advanced economies such as Australia (73), Canada (74) and the United States (67), the latter dropping out of the top 25 countries on the Index for the first time.

25 countries have significantly improved their scores, including Estonia (74), Seychelles (70) and Armenia (49).

PUBLISHED: 25/01/2022; STORY: Graphic News