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 Problemas de pintura no A350 infographic
A infografia mostra as companhias a reportar problemas de pintura nos A350 e a estrutura destes aviões.


Mais companhias revelam preocupação com problemas de pintura dos A350

November 30, 2021 - Pelo menos seis companhias aéreas manifestaram preocupação com os problemas de pintura e revestimento nos Airbus A350 que, nalguns casos, deixaram visível uma subcamada destinada a absorver os relâmpados.

Qatar’s national carrier has grounded 20 of its 53 A350s, saying it is acting on orders from its local regulator, until reasons for what witnesses describe as the blistered and pock-marked appearance of some of its A350s can be confirmed, according to Reuters.

Airbus says there is no risk to the A350’s safety – a point echoed by the other airlines, which have not grounded any jets and describe the issue as “cosmetic.”

PUBLISHED: 30/11/2021; STORY: Graphic News