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 Desflorestação na Amazónia em pico de 15 anos infographic
A infografia mostra a desflorestação por estado brasileiro na Amazónia e a taxa de destruição da floresta entre 2004-2021.


Desflorestação na Amazónia ao nível mais alto desde 2006

By Jordi Bou

November 19, 2021 - A desflorestação na floresta tropical da Amazónia cresceu 22% num ano para o nível mais alto desde 2006, contrariando as garantias do Presidente Jair Bolsonaro de que o país está a reduzir o madeiramento ilegal.

Brazil’s space research agency, INPE, recorded 13,235 square kilometres (5,110 square miles) of deforestation in the world’s largest rainforest in its PRODES satellite data, an area nearly 17 times the size of New York City. The official deforestation data covers a period from August 2020 through July 2021.

The destruction comes despite Bolsonaro’s efforts to show his government is serious about protecting the Amazon, considered critical to staving off catastrophic climate change.

Brazil was among a number of nations who promised to end and reverse deforestation by 2030 during the COP26 climate summit.

Deforestation of the Amazon has increased under President Jair Bolsonaro. who has encouraged agriculture and mining activities in the rainforest.

PUBLISHED: 19/11/2021; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images