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 Rebeldes marcham sobre a capital da Etiópia infographic
A infografia mostra o avanço das forças do Tigray e as cidades em poder dos rebeldes.


Rebeldes etíopes vançam para Addis Abeba

November 8, 2021 - Forças da Frente de Libertação do Povo do Tigray , Exército de Libertação Oromo e outros grupos rebeldes avançam para a capital etíope Addis Abeba para estabelecerem um governo de transição.

The rebel threat led Ethiopia’s government to declare a state of emergency last week while the United States and other countries urged citizens to leave immediately.

U.S. and African Union envoys have been holding urgent talks in Ethiopia in search of a ceasefire in a war that has killed thousands after political tensions with the Tigray forces, who once dominated the national government, turned deadly.

PUBLISHED: 08/11/2021; STORY: Graphic News