Gasoduto árabe infographic
A infografia mostra o traçado do Gasoduto Árabe (AGP).


Gás egípcio vai chegar ao Líbano em crise

September 9, 2021 - O Egipto vai fornecer gás natural ao Líbano através da Jordânia e Síria com os estados árabes a procurarem pôr termo aos cortes de energia no seu vizinho assolado pela crise.

Energy ministers from the four countries agreed during a meeting in Jordan on Wednesday to work out details of a plan to resume Egyptian gas shipments and Jordanian power to Lebanon. The gas will help feed the Deir Ammar power plant in Lebanon, which has a capacity of 450 megawatts, according to Bloomberg.

The Arab Gas Pipeline previously transported Egyptian gas to Lebanon via Jordan and Syria, but rising domestic demand crimped Egypt’s exports before a series of attacks on the line in war-torn Syria shuttered that route for gas to Lebanon completely about a decade ago, Bloomberg said.

Lebanon is witnessing an economic crisis described as one of the world’s worst since the 1850s. Shortages of medicine, fuel and basic supplies have often brought the country to standstill, while political disagreements have foiled efforts to form a government to negotiate a rescue package with international financial institutions.

PUBLISHED: 09/09/2021; STORY: Graphic News