Recentes ataques a navios infographic
A infografia mostra os recentes ataques a navios no Médio Oriente.


EUA, RU e Israel acusam o Irão de ataque a navio

August 2, 2021 - Os Estados Unidos e Grã-Bretanha acusam o Irão de ter levado a cabo um ataque de drone a um petroleiro gerido por Israel ao largo do Omã, que matou um tripulante britânico e um romeno. O Irão desmentiu estar envolvido no incidente.

The strike on the Mercer Street marked the first-known fatal attack after years of assaults on commercial shipping in the region linked to tensions with Iran over its tattered nuclear deal.

While no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, Iran and its militia allies have used so-called “suicide” drones in attacks previously, which crash into targets and detonate their explosive payloads. However, Israel, the UK and the responding U.S. Navy have yet to show physical evidence from the strike or offer intelligence information on why they blame Tehran.

PUBLISHED: 02/08/2021; STORY: Graphic News