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 Steam Deck ameaça nova Nintendo Switch infographic
A infografia mostra a plataforma de jogos portátil para PC Steam Deck da Valve.


Nintendo Switch OLED é lançada contra a Steam Deck da Valve

By Ninian Carter

July 19, 2021 - A Valve vai lançar uma plataforma de jogos portátil para PC, pouco depois da rmodelada consola Switch da Nintendo.

The Steam Deck is a small, portable PC computer, albeit one running a custom Steam OS. Its main function is to let gamers access their Steam PC game library, but it can be used for web browsing and video streaming also.

Until now, PC gamers wanting a good handheld experience have had to wait (and hope) for the game they want to play to be ported over to the Nintendo Switch. But even if that happens, the Switch's innards are very underpowered when compared to a PC, meaning games often do not look or play as well when released on Switch. Also, it can take years for a game to be ported over.

Enter Valve and their Steam Deck portable. No need to wait for a conversion – the entire Steam library of 30,000 games is available and ready as soon as the user logs in.

Such power comes at a price, however. The Steam Deck starts at $400 (€420) and goes up to $650 (€680) for one with decent internal storage.

The Switch underpowered as it may be, is cheaper, has a good library of some 4,000 games and is, of course, home to Mario, Zelda, Metroid and a host of other franchises unique to Nintendo and unavailable on PC... unless of course somebody installs a console emulator and plays illegally downloaded video game ROMs.

Nintendo's rejigged Switch OLED comes out in October, with the Steam Deck following after in December. Both are available for pre-order and are selling out fast.

PUBLISHED: 20/07/2021; STORY: Graphic News