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 Queda recorde na taxa de natalidade de Xinjiang infographic
A infografia mostra a taxa de natalidade em Xinjiang em comparação com do conjunto da China desde 1951 a 2019.


Políticas em Xinjiang levam a quebra nas taxa de natalidade dos Uigures

By Jordi Bou

May 13, 2021 - As políticas coercivas na região de Xinjiang, na China, levaram a um
profundo declínio na taxa de natalidade dos Uigures e outras minorias, que pode ser indício de genocídio, segundo um observatório australiano.

A report from the Australian Strategy Policy Institute, found the birthrate across Xinjiang fell by 48.74% between 2017 and 2019.

In counties where the population was at least 90% non-Han Chinese, the birthrate dropped by an average 56.5% between 2017 and 2018. By examining county-level statistics, the report provided further evidence of “the systematic targeting” of communities, it said

Over the past four years, the Chinese authorities have carried out a brutal campaign of forced assimilation targeting the Uyghurs, an ethnic Turkic minority native to Xinjiang.

China maintains that changes in birth rates are linked to improved health and economic policy and it strongly rejects accusations of genocide.

PUBLISHED: 13/05/2021; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images