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A infografia mostra como se desenrola o processo de impugnação nos EUA.


Como decorre a 2ª impugnação de Trump

January 13, 2021 - A Câmara dos Representantes deverá impugnar o Presidente Donald Trump por ter incentivado os seus apoiantes a assaltarem o Congresso, uma decisão que faria dele o primeiro presidente dos EUA a ser impugnado duas vezes.

While the previous three impeachments – those of Presidents Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Trump – took months before a final vote, including investigations and hearings, this time it will have only taken a week. After the rioting at the Capitol, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “we must take action,” and Democrats – and some Republicans – share her view ahead of Wednesday’s vote.

For now, the Republican-led Senate is not expected to hold a trial and vote on whether to convict Trump before Democrat Joe Biden is sworn in as president January 20. Still, Democrats feel that action by the House would send an important message to the country, AP said.

PUBLISHED: 15/01/2021; STORY: Graphic News