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 Submarino nuclear Arighat da Índia infographic
A infografia mostra os detalhes do INS Arighat e da esquadra de submarinos da Índia.


Marinha indiana recebe o segundo submarino nuclear

January 4, 2021 - A Marinha indiana recebe um grande incentivo com a entrada do seu segundo submarino nuclear armado com mísseis balísticos. O INS Arighat está nas últimas fases dos ensaios de mar e deverá entrar ao serviço nos princípios de 2021.

Arighat is the second of the indigenous Arihant-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile-carrying submarine (SSBN).

Sources in the defence and security establishment said the submarine has performed well during the sea trials so far, and added that the commissioning of the vessel was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Indian online newspaper ThePrint.

Once Arighat enters service, India will be operating two SSBNs that are equipped with the 750km-range K-15 ballistic missile, designed for retaliatory strikes in case of a nuclear attack.

PUBLISHED: 04/01/2021; STORY: Graphic News