A infografia mostra os casos recentes de Covid-19 por 100.000 habitantes na região europeia.


Ressurgência das infeções por Covid-19 na Europa

August 13, 2020 - Os países europeus estão a apertar as regras de uso de máscara e a
aplicar normas mais exigentes para impedir o contágio do coronavírus
com uma tendência crescente no número de casos de Covid-19.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), European nations are seeing a “true resurgence in cases” over recent weeks.

While there has been a general increase in cases, some parts of Europe have been disproportionately affected, including Belgium, Luxembourg, northeastern Spain, and some regions of Romania and Bulgaria.

Germany recorded more than 1,200 cases on Wednesday, marking the biggest daily rise in cases since May 9, the BBC reported. Officials said the rise was due, in part, to people returning from holidays.

It came as Germany warned against non-essential trips to parts of Spain.

Meanwhile, France had more than 2,500 new cases in 24 hours, the highest daily rise since its lockdown was lifted in May.

The German foreign ministry said it had added a partial travel warning to the Spanish capital Madrid and the Basque region on Tuesday amid rising infections there. Warnings were already in place for the regions of Aragon, Catalonia and Navarra.

PUBLISHED: 13/08/2020; STORY: Graphic News
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