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NEGÓCIOS: Dívida nacional dos EUA infographic
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Dívida nacional dos EUA

Graphic News

January 11, 2019 -- A dívida nacional dos EUA disparou de $9,2 biliões no início da crise
financeira para quase $22 biliões no início de 2019, mais $2 biliões que quando o Presidente Donald Trump tomou posse.

The U.S. government, the Federal Reserve and pension funds own around 40 per cent of the national debt, while another 40 per cent is held by foreign governments and investors, according to the U.S. Treasury.

Foreign governments, led by the Chinese and Japanese, owned $6.6 trillion. Those two countries have cut their stakes since 2015, but each state still holds more than $1 trillion worth of Treasury bonds and notes.

The nation’s debt climbed to a record $21.93 trillion at the start of 2019, a seven per cent increase from January 2018.

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