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TECNOLOGIA: Matrix PowerWatch 2 infographic
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O smartwatch que nunca precisa de carga

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January 11, 2019 -- A Matrix Industries revelou um novo smartwatch que usa dois métodos para se alimentar a si próprio, nunca precisando de recarga – um gerador termoelétrico que retira energia do calor do corpo e um painel solar que rodeia a face do relógio.

The PowerWatch 2 uses a thermoelectric generator (which relies on the difference in temperature between your wrist and case to generate energy) and an additional solar cell below the dial. The combination of the two power sources gives the PowerWatch 2 enough juice to include features not previously seen in the range, like a built-in heart-rate monitor, full-colour display and even an onboard GPS.

The watch is available for pre-order on Indiegogo now, priced at just $200 for early birds, and will ship in June, 2019, priced at $499.

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