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CHINA: Expo Pequim 2019 infographic
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Grande exposição em Pequim para os 70 anos da fundação da China comunista

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April 29-October 7, 2019 -- A Expo de Pequim, a maior exposição hortícola de sempre, será uma peça central das comemorações com que a China assinala os 70 anos da fundação do estado comunista.

The show, located in Yanqing on the outskirts of Beijing municipality, will open on April 29th and last for more than five months, according to the Economist newspaper.

Organisers say at least 16 million visitors are expected to attend the expo, with more than 100 countries and international organisations putting on displays.

Built by thousands of workers, the 960-hectare expo park is half as big again as the one made for the 2008 Olympics, which was previously the city’s record-setter.

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