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AVIAÇÃO: Boeing 777X infographic
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Boeing apronta o avião económico 777X

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March 1, 2019 -- A Boeing procura explorar o sucesso da sua família de aviões 777 com a próxima geração 777X, prometendo ultra longo raio de ação, melhor eficiência energética e melhor conforto dos passageiros.

Engineers and mechanics are preparing to roll out the 777X flight-test plane for its public debut as early as February, according to the Seattle Times. The first flight is due a month or two later.

The aircraft comes in two variants, the 777-9 and the smaller but longer-range 777-8.

Boeing says Emirates will be the first airline to receive the 777X, when it gets rolled out in 2020. Other customers include Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines.

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