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AMBIENTE: Vida selvagem na Terra desaparece infographic
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Cinco países contêm 70% da vida selvagem do mundo

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November 14-29, 2018 -- Reúne-se no Egipto a conferência da Convenção sobre Diversidade Biológica para elaborar um plano de proteção da biodiversidade para além de 2020. Antes do encontro, investigadores da Universidade do Queensland e da Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) estabeleceram primeira vez um mapa global das áreas que ainda estão isentas do impacto da atividade humana.

Scientists say that 77% of land, excluding Antarctica, and 87% of the ocean has been modified by human industry and warn that urgent international action is needed to protect the planet’s few remaining wild places.

According to the study, published in the journal Nature, just five countries - Australia, the U.S., Brazil, Russia and Canada - hold 70 per cent of all the wilderness.

The researchers created a global map by combining 2016 data, which looked at the human impact on land, with 2018 data that analysed our impact on the oceans.

Wilderness, the study’s authors said, is defined as an area not subject to direct human use.

These areas are the only places on earth that have natural levels of biodiversity, and can continue to sustain plant and animal species on an evolutionary time scale.

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