A infografia mostra as áreas de exploração de petróleo e gás a concurso.


América Latina com número recorde concursos para exploração de petróleo e gás

April 4, 2018 - A América Latina terá este ano o maior número de licenciamentos da sua
história, abrindo mais de 1.100 blocos de petróleo e gás ao investimento em 2018.

Wood Mackenzie, an energy consultancy, expects intense exploration activity in deepwater basins around Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

“Sizeable reserves, project optimisation and good productivity have been driving deepwater costs down,” said Horacio Cuenca, research director for Latin America at Wood Mackenzie.

“2018 will certainly be a transformative year for the region, both economically and politically,” Cuenca said.

Mexico started the year attracting $93 billion in investment pledges and followed with another round securing over $8 billion. In March, Brazil added $2.4 billion to about $30 billion from an October bidding round.

Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina will follow with auctions through the year, with keen interest expected from the majors and Asian national oil companies.

PUBLISHED: 04/04/2018; STORY: Graphic News