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AGENDA MUNDIAL: Setembro 2018 infographic

Acontecimentos mundiais previstos em Setembro

Graphic News

September 1-30, 2018 -- A Agenda Mundial apresenta uma antevisão dos acontecimento previstos em setembro, como a visita do Presidente das Filipinas Rodrigo Duterte a Israel, o 20º aniversário da Google e as audiências no Senado dos EUA para o nomeado para o Supremo Tribunal Brett Kavanaugh.

North Korea marks the country’s 70th anniversary, and the International Whaling Commission may lift the ban on commercial whaling.

Banking giant Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy 10 years ago, ushering in a global recession, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan makes a state visit to Germany, Macedonian citizens vote over the name of the Balkan nation, and Donald Trump could make good his threat to shut down the U.S. government.

September 2-5, Israel: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who has been accused of murdering civilians in his crackdown on drug dealers, holds talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on security ties and arms sales. Duterte is reported to be considering moving the Philippines embassy to contested Jerusalem.

September 4, United States: Google, once only a name, has metamorphosed into a verb of many forms since it was founded by Larry Page and Sergei Brin 20 years ago this month. Internet users almost everywhere “google” information, and there is no head-scratching after a statement like, “I googled it.”

September 4, United States: Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh open on a rushed timetable, with President Donald Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress eager to have the conservative nominee confirmed ahead of the mid-term elections in November.

September 9, North Korea: Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to make his first official visit to Pyongyang for North Korea’s 70th anniversary. A diplomatic thaw may also enable South Korean President Moon Jae-in to attend the celebrations, as he and Kim Jong-un plan to hold further talks on denuclearization in September.

September 10-14, Brazil: The International Whaling Commission may lift the ban on commercial whaling at its meeting in Florianopolis. Concern over whale numbers led to a moratorium on commercial whaling from 1986 but Japan, Norway and Iceland continued hunting and have sought for years to have the ban lifted.

September 15, United States: Banking giant Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy 10 years ago, ushering in a global recession. Lehman’s collapse contributed to the erosion of almost $10 trillion in market capitalization from global equity markets in October 2008, the biggest monthly decline on record at the time.

September 28, Germany: The red carpet will be rolled out in Berlin for a state visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, despite Turkish-German tensions. Turkey is suffering an economic crisis, and Germany has a vested interest in preventing the economic destabilization of an important trading partner.

September 30, Macedonia: Citizens get to vote on the historic deal with Greece aimed at ending a long-running dispute over the name of the Balkan nation, which was ratified by parliament in July. If it passes, the country will be known as the Republic of North Macedonia, and it will begin talks to become NATO’s 30th member.

September 30, United States: President Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the government if Congress does not fund his border wall and change the nation’s immigration laws by the September 30 appropriations deadline. Government funding runs out 37 days before election day, November 6. (Story: Newsahead, Julie Mullins)

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