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TRANSPORTES: Ponte da Rússia para a Crimeia vai ser inaugurada infographic
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Ponte no estreito de Kerch abre antes do prazo

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May 9, 2018 -- A ponte a ligar a Crimeia à Russia sobre o estreito de Kerch no mar Negro vai ser inaugurada com seis meses de avanço. A ponte de 19km no estreito de Kerch Strait é um importante projeto político para
a Rússia, cimentando a posse da Crimeia, anexada da Ucrânia em 2014 após um referendo não reconhecido de anexação à Russia.

The bridge, which some Russians have dubbed “Putin’s bridge”, will be the longest dual-purpose span in Europe.

For the bridge to overcome treacherous conditions in the region, thousands of pylons have been driven into the seabed for stability with space in between to allow strong currents to flow through.

When finished, the bridge should be able to carry 40,000 vehicles and 94 trains per day.

Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine drew international condemnation and sanctions, but many Russians saw it as restoring Moscow’s rule over a region they regard as being historically Russian.

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