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ENERGÍA: Trump amenaza a Alemania con sanciones por gasoducto infographic
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Trump considera sanciones por el gasoducto Nord Stream 2

Graphic News

June 13, 2019 -- El presidente de EUA Donald Trump criticó otra vez a Alemania por su pacto con Rusia para construir el gasoducto Nord Stream 2, amenazando con imponer sanciones al proyecto que según dice dejará a Berlín siendo “cautivo” de Moscú.

The Nord Stream 2 project will transport natural gas via a 1,200km pipeline from Russia to Europe. It has come under fire from the United States and some European countries claiming it could increase Europe’s dependence on Russia as a supplier of energy.

Washington, which wants to sell its liquefied natural gas to Europe, has threatened sanctions against companies involved in the Baltic pipeline. While it is wholly owned by Russian gas giant Gazprom, half of the project’s $9 billion cost is covered by five European energy and chemicals companies including Shell, BASF and ENGIE.

Russia, Finland, Sweden and Germany have already issued permits.

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