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AFRICA: Ruta de la heroína por la costa oriental infographic

Camino de la heroína de África a los mercados occidentales

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February 1, 2019 -- Una parte cada vez mayor de los cultivos de heroína de Afganistán, controlado por el Talibán, se envía a través de una red de rutas marítimas al oriente y sur de África en el llamado “smack track” hacia Occidente

The traditional land route via Iran, Turkey and the Balkans has become increasingly difficult for drug traffickers to use – owing to Turkey tightening its borders in response to the war in Syria, and attempts by European countries to keep out refugees. As a result, more of the harvests are being dispatched along the “southern route” to Africa, according to the Economist newspaper.

Most of the heroin is destined for Western markets but a spin-off trade is fuelling consumption in Africa, along with the formation of an integrated regional criminal economy.

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