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SOCCER: Final de la Copa Libertadores 2018, 2a etapa, Nov 24 infographic
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Final de la Copa Libertadores 2018, 2a etapa, Nov 24

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November 24, 2018 -- La Copa Libertadores, la competencia de clubes premier de América del Sur, llega a su clímax. La final se juega en formato local-visitante de dos etapas, entre los acérrimos rivales argentinos Boca Juniors y River Plate. La segunda etapa se realiza en la sede del River Plate en Buenos Aires. La primera etapa terminó con un empate en dos goles en el estadio sede del Boca.

Boca Juniors and River Plate are two of the most successful teams in Argentine football, inspiring fierce rivalry both on the pitch and among rival supporters, creating one of the most competitive derbies in world soccer. Matches between the teams are known as “Superclasico”. Boca Juniors have won 88 of these contests, River Plate have won 81, and 78 games have ended in a draw.

Both legs of the final will be contested in front of home fans only, as a result of recent clashes between supporters. With CONMEBOL looking to establish a one-match finale in the competition from 2019, the fiercest rivalry in South American football could be set to dominate the headlines for years to come.

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