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TURQUÍA: Desaparición de periodista saudí infographic
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Cronología de la desaparición de Jamal Khashoggi

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October 10, 2018 -- El paradero del periodista y disidente saudí Jamal Khashoggi sigue sin conocerse luego de una semana de que desapareció en el consulado saudí en Estambul. El gobierno saudí dice que salió del consulado y que no está bajo su custodia.

The Washington Post reports that U.S. intelligence intercepts outlined a Saudi plan to detain a prominent journalist and critic who disappeared a week ago.

The Post, citing anonymous U.S. officials familiar with the intelligence, says Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered an operation to lure Jamal Khashoggi from his home in Virginia to Saudi Arabia and then detain him.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker says he has reviewed U.S. intelligence reports suggesting that Khashoggi was killed Oct. 2, the day he went to the consulate.

Turkish authorities have said he was killed by an elite Saudi "assassination squad." The Saudi government has dismissed that allegation.

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