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SOCCER: Liga de las Naciones UEFA Fecha 3-4, Octubre 2018 infographic
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Torneo Liga de las Naciones UEFA

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October 11-16, 2018 -- Fechas 3-4 de la Liga de las Naciones de UEFA. Croacia recibe a Inglaterra en una repetición de lasemifinal de la Copa Mundial 2018, en que Croacia aseguró una victoria 2-1 en tiempo extra. Otras competencias de pesos pesados incluyen la de Bélgica contra Suiza y la de Francia contra Alemania. Cada fecha incluye 23 partidos en cuatro ligas diferentes durante tres días, con los encuentros de la Fecha 3 del 11 al 13 de octubre y los de la Fecha 4 del 14 al 16 de octubre.

Tournament format: 55 member associations are participating in the tournament, which aims to introduce competitive fixtures to replace international friendlies, and offers four places at Euro 2020 for the eventual league winners.

The 55 teams are split into four leagues (A, B, C and D) based on their UEFA ranking at the end of the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers.

There will be two matchdays each in September, October and November 2018. The winners of the four groups in League A will compete to become the Nations League champions in the Final Four competition in June 2019.

At the end of each tournament, four teams will be promoted and four teams relegated. They will then play at their new level in the next competition, which starts in 2020.

League A (four groups of three):
France, Germany, Netherlands
Belgium, Iceland, Switzerland
Italy, Poland, Portugal
Croatia, England, Spain

League B (four groups of three):
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine
Russia, Sweden, Turkey
Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland
Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Wales

League C (one group of three, three groups of four):
Albania,, Israel, Scotland
Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Norway, Slovenia
Lithuania, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia

League D (four groups of four):
Andorra, Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan
Belarus, Luxembourg, Moldova, San Marino
Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Kosovo, Malta
Armenia, FYR Macedonia, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein

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