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ARTE: Escultura la "Mastaba" de Christo en Londres infographic
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La escultura de gran escala “La Mastaba” de Christo

Graphic News

June 18-September 23, 2018 -- La obra de gran escala más reciente del artista Christo es La Mastaba, una enorme escultura flotante de 20 metros de alto en Hyde Park, en Londres

Christo has created a temporary sculpture in London’s Hyde Park, called “The Mastaba (Project for London, Hyde Park, Serpentine Lake)”. It’s floating on The Serpentine from June 18 (weather permitting) to September 23, 2018, and is Christo's first major public, outdoor work in the UK. The temporary sculpture coincides with an exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery of Christo and Jeanne–Claude’s work, which includes sculptures, drawings, collages and photographs spanning more than 60 years. The sculpture and the exhibition both draw on Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s history of using barrels to create works of art.

Since the late 1960s, Christo has sought a suitable site for a floating Mastaba. The temporary sculpture in Hyde Park consists of 7,506 horizontally stacked barrels on a floating platform. It is 20m high x 30m wide (at the 60° slanted walls) x 40m long. Standard 55 gallon barrels, 59cm x 88cm, have been specifically fabricated and painted for this sculpture. The sides of the barrels, visible on the top and on the two slanted walls of the sculpture, are painted red and white. The ends of the barrels, visible on the two vertical walls, consist of different hues of red, blue, and mauve.

The sculpture’s floating platform is made of high-density polyethylene cubes secured to the lakebed with weighted anchors. A primary steel scaffolding frame is constructed on top of the platform and the barrels are attached to a scaffold sub structure. The total weight is approximately 450 tonnes. The footprint of the sculpture will take up approximately 1% of the total surface area of the lake.

As with all of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's projects, The Mastaba is being funded entirely through the sale of Christo's original works of art. No public money is used for Christo's projects and he does not accept sponsorship.

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