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Copa Mundial 2018, matchtracker

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June 14-July 15, 2018 -- La Copa Mundial 2018 en Rusia inicia el 14 de junio con 32 selecciones nacionales que compiten en un total de 64 partidos en 12 sedes, en el máximo evento del fútbol.

This Matchtracker can show details for every match in the tournament depending on the EventD in the embed code url.

• Before the match the squad and head-to-head statistics are shown.

• On the matchday, team selections and formations are shown,

• During the match, the highlights (goals, yellow or red cards, substitutions) are shown on a timeline, updated live, with match statistics.

EDITORS TECHNICAL NOTE: EventID are included in a downloadable text file. The link below describes how publishers (licensed to published Graphic News content) can use the embed code supplied by Graphic News. They can also make a downloadable web app available to their readers. This enables mobile readers to return quickly to the page to get the latest results or to follow a match (see Sources below)

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