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Guía de equipos y posiciones del Campeonato

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March 25-November 25, 2018 -- Diez equipos competirán en el Campeonato Mundial Fórmula 1, que comienza con el Gran Premio de Australia y concluye en Abu Dhabi en noviembre.

The Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship standing show the points awarded to each driver or constructor during the course of the season:
1st place - 25 points; 2nd -18; 3rd - 15; 4th -12; 5th - 10; 6th - 8; 7th - 6; 8th - 4; 9th - 2; 10th - 1.

If drivers are tied on points, the driver with the most wins is classified as ahead. If wins are equal, the number of second places are looked at.

• Sportlive: Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship standings are shown with live update after each race during the season.

Details are included for 10 teams and their drivers.

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