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UN DÍA COMO HOY:  Abr 16-22 2017 (semana 16) infographic

Abr 16-22 2017

Graphic News

April 16-22, 2017 -- Esta semana: retorno de Lenin a Rusia, los viajes de Cristóbal Colón, y sir Francis Drake, la expedición Kon-Tiki, la investigación pionera de Pierre y Marie Curie, el superastro del pop Prince, y el descubrimiento de Brasil por los portugueses.

April 16, 1917: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin returned to Russia from exile, precipitating the revolution that led to the creation of the Soviet Union, the world’s first communist state

April 17, 1492: Christopher Columbus received a commission from the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, to explore the western ocean, seeking a passage to Asia

April 18, 2002: Thor Heyerdahl died. In 1947 he crossed the Pacific on his raft Kon-Tiki to test his theory that Polynesia was originally populated by native Americans

April 19, 1587: English admiral Sir Francis Drake entered Cadiz harbour and sank the Spanish fleet, an action he referred to as “singeing the King of Spain’s beard”

April 20, 1902: Scientists Pierre and Marie Curie successfully isolated radioactive radium salts from pitchblende, a discovery that won them the Nobel Prize in physics

April 21, 2016: Pop superstar Prince died at 57 after an accidental drug overdose. Record sales of hits like Purple Rain and Sign o’ the Times topped 100 million over his career

April 22, 1500: Navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral landed in Brazil and claimed it for Portugal under the terms of a treaty that divided the New World between Portugal and Spain

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