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Liga de Campeones 2014-15

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September 16, 2014-May 16, 2015 -- UEFA Champions League football season.

This interactive tournament guide includes details of all fixtures and includes live results and statistics. It can start with either the league table and details of coming matches, or with the matchtracker for a particular match. It is from the Graphic News Sportlive series.

Publishers with appropriate permissions can paste the embed code (visible after login) onto their web page. The size can be adjusted by changing the scale factor given in the embed code.

If a MatchID (visible in the download page after login) is inserted where indicated in the embed code, then the graphic will open with the selected Matchtracker. This is useful where an editor wishes the graphic to integrate with the editorial coverage of a match. If a MatchID is not inserted, the graphic will open at the "Latest" page.

("Latest") shows the league results table (P=Played, W=Won, D=Drawn, L=Lost, F= Goals for, A = Goals against, Pts = Points), and details of coming matches. These link to the matchtracker for the match selected.

The fixtures "Overview" (button at top right) goes to a fixture page detailing the dates for every fixture in the season. Click on the club crest to select all the fixtures for a particular team. The fixture gives the location and the time each match is due to start. If the click on the Overview page is set to "Local Time", the times will be at the “Local Time at the stadium in BST, British Summer Time). If you click on the clock, it toggles to Your Time, which is the time on your computer.

Matchtrackers can be seen by clicking on any fixture. Before a match the tracker shows the team lineup or squad and head-to-head statistics. During the match there are two pages of live data - one showing a timeline of key events in the match as they happen ("Timeline") -- goals, substitutions, red and yellow cards. The other, “Live Statistics”, shows possession, shots on target, fouls against and saves. The timeline and live statistics enable followers to track the progress of a match, hence the term “Matchtracker”

Matchtrackers are also available sized for mobile phones, GN32209

Although using the Graphic News supplied embed code is recommended, these graphics may also be downloaded and published with or without the use of iframes

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