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2017 F1 Championship guide

Graphic News

March 26-November 26, 2017 -- The Formula One World Championship, comprising 20 Grands Prix, commences with the Australian GP, concluding in Abu Dhabi in November.

The F1 2017 Interactive Championship Guide is in three sections:
Calendar: Schedule of all Grand Prix in the year
Standings: Sportlive: Latest Constructions’ and Drivers’ Championship Standings
Teams:Details of teams and drivers

In addition, within the calendar section, there are interactive guides for all the Grand Prix:
Circuit: Animated circuit map, with details including typical speeds and gears, timing sectors, and DRS activation zones.
Timings & Results: Sportlive: Driver times in every session over the Grand Prix weekend, grid lineup, and live race positions with times and laps driven. and final positions.

EDITORS TECHNICAL NOTE: There are also separate interactive guides for each Grand Prix. (see Source links)

All interactives are responsive so the appearance is different depending on whether they are viewed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer screen.

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