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ON THIS DAY: February 2-8, 2014 (week 6) infographic

On this day February 2-8, 2014

Graphic News

February 2-8, 2014 -- This week features Charlie Chaplin, the first trains between Darwin and Adelaide, the launch of Facebok, the death of Jean Paul Getty III, the death of tennis star Arthur Ashe, the Beatles innovation of the U.S. and the return of the final Skylab mission

February 2, 1914: Charlie Chaplin, one of the greatest stars of the silent movie era, made his film debut in Making a Living, without his soon to be famous moustache and cane

February 3, 2004: The first passenger train from Darwin to Adelaide completed its inaugural three-day trip, realising a century-old dream to link the north and south of Australia

February 4, 2004: The website Facebook was launched as It has grown into the world’s largest social networking site, with more than one billion members

February 5, 2011: Jean Paul Getty III died aged 54. Kidnapped in Italy at age 16, his ear was cut off before his oil tycoon grandfather reluctantly paid $3m in ransom to free him

February 6, 1993: Former tennis champion Arthur Ashe died of AIDS, contracted from a blood transfusion he received during heart bypass surgery in the early 1980s

February 7, 1964: The Beatles’ “invasion” of the U.S. began as thousands of screaming fans welcomed the “Fab Four” at New York’s JFK International Airport

February 8, 1974: The three-strong crew of the final Skylab mission returned to earth at the end of their 84-day mission aboard America’s first manned space station

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