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USA.: Ein Jahrhundert Kämpfe um Kontrolle im Kongress infographic

Historische Kontrolle der Abgeordneten im Senat und im Repräsentantenhaus

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November 6, 2018 -- Die US Midterm Wahlen finden alle vier Jahre im November statt – zur Halbzeit der vierjährigen Amtszeit des Präsidenten. Alle 435 Sitze im
Repräsentantenhaus und 35 von 100 Sitzen im Senat werden am 6. November 2018 gewählt.

In addition, 34 of the 50 U.S. states elect their governors to four-year terms during midterm elections, while Vermont and New Hampshire elect governors to two-year terms in both midterm and presidential elections. Thus, 36 governors are elected during midterm elections. Municipal elections also occur and many states also elect officers to their state legislatures. On the ballot are many mayors, other local public offices, and a wide variety of citizen initiatives.

The “midterms” usually generate lower voter turnout than presidential elections – the latter have turnouts of about 50–60%, with only around 40% turning up at midterm polling stations. Although this may be higher in 2018 as voters could view their choices as a referendum on President Trump, whose divisive policies are antagonising a high proportion of the electorate.

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