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WIRTSCHAFT: Globale Verschuldung erreicht $247 Billionen infographic

Globale Schulden erreichen Rekordhöhe von $247 Billionen

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July 12, 2018 --
Globale Verschuldung stieg auf die Rekordhöhe von US$247 Billionen bis Ende März und erhöht den Druck auf die Schwellenländer. Die weltweiten Schulden sind in den letzten 15 Jahren um $150 Billionen angestiegen.

According to an analysis by the Institute of International Finance (IIF), debt levels for household, non-financial corporate and general government sectors rose to $186.5 trillion in the first quarter of 2018. Financial sector debt rose to a record high $60.6 trillion. At $247 trillion, this exceeded 318 per cent of world GDP in the first quarter.

Following a decade-long borrowing binge triggered by the availability of cheap money following the 2008 financial crisis, emerging market debt rose to a record $58.5 trillion in the first quarter -- up over 84 per cent since the crisis began in 2008.

Many emerging markets rely on variable-rate bank financing and face higher risks because of rising yields and interest rates rise, making refinancing and repaying dollar-denominated debt significantly more expensive.

Government debt has risen most sharply in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Argentina, according to the IIF. Also, oil-rich powerhouses Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, energy exporting giant Kazakhstan, and Peru all have dangerous dependencies on externally funded debts.

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