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أخبار: أجندة الأحداث - نيسان infographic

أجندة الأحداث - نيسان

Graphic News

April 1-30, 2019 -- The World Agenda gives a preview of world events scheduled for April, including the 70th anniversary of NATO, crucial elections in India, Spain and Israel, and the abdication of Japan’s Emperor Akihito.

Apr 3, U.S.: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg addresses the U.S. Congress ahead of the alliance’s 70th anniversary. Many lawmakers see the invitation as a chance to reaffirm Washington’s commitment to NATO, often derided by President Donald Trump

Apr 9, Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, seeking a record fifth term but facing indictment for bribery, has called an early election to capitalize on positive economic news. His immediate worry is the rising poll numbers of his top rival, former army chief Benny Gantz (above)

Apr 11-May 19, India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party heads into the world’s largest election boosted by the recent standoff with Pakistan. The opposition, led by the Indian National Congress under Rahul Gandhi, could yet benefit from recent economic setbacks

Apr 14, U.S.: Game of Thrones begins its final season after a 541-day hiatus – an eternity for the TV series’ vast universe of fans

Apr 28, Spain: Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez called today’s snap election after his budget bill failed to pass. Separatist MPs, retaliating for his refusal to discuss independence for Catalonia, voted with opposition parties to bring down the bill

Apr 30, Japan: Emperor Akihito becomes the first emperor to abdicate in 200 years, passing the Chrysanthemum Throne to his son Crown Prince Naruhito

April, China: Xi Jinping hosts the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, with trade routes now extending into some 76 countries. The initiative aims to resurrect the ancient Silk Road, with bullet trains, supertankers and pipelines replacing camels and watercraft of times past

April, UK: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are expecting their first baby later this month. The child will be seventh in line to the throne (Story: Newsahead, Julie Mullins)

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