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تكنولوجيا: أداة العرض والمساعدة المنزلية infographic
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أداة العرض والمساعدة المنزلية تزداد شعبيتها

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October 10, 2018 -- Smart displays that function as home assistants are gaining traction, with Amazon, Google and Facebook all launching new devices.

Google has followed Facebook and Amazon by launching a new smart display, allowing users to talk with a virtual assistant as well control smart home devices and watch YouTube videos.

However, unlike its more expensive rivals, Google’s new Home Hub comes without a camera, in an effort to avoid the kinds of privacy concerns that are dogging Facebook’s new Portal device.

Tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple, have been testing the water with relatively inexpensive smart speakers for the last year or two, with customers installing always-on microphones in their kitchens, lounges and bedrooms. But despite fears of eavesdropping and privacy leaks, such devices have sold millions of units worldwide.

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