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سيارات: السيارة ٧٢٠ أس الفائقة من ماكلارين infographic

السيارة ٧٢٠ أس الفائقة من ماكلارين

Graphic News

December 5, 2017 -- If you are fabulously wealthy and want something special for Christmas, why not consider the McLaren 720S supercar? Built on a modified carbon chassis with next-generation computer control -- including pressure transducers in the hydraulic suspension lines and accelerometers in the wheel hubs -- it adjusts the car’s moving parts as needed. And it will set you back some $300,000.

(Story: Neil Winton)

NEW GRAPHIC NEWS - a new website for a new era.

28 years ago — April 2, 1991 — the original Graphic News launched using a precursor to today’s websites that used email technology. These enabled infographics to be delivered electronically around the world over telephone lines. What was possible was very limited - It took 10 minutes for a 100K file to download.

Since then delivery speeds and website technology have moved on. The new website will offer the best online experience possible now, adding many new features (and offering new opportunities for the future), but still enabling existing users to select and download infographics and enjoy the distinct brand of visual journalism that is Graphic News.

Over the coming weeks I will give further information. Please contact me if you have any questions. Fiona Roberts, froberts @