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 Dossier Jordan Bardella infographic
Graphic shows factfile on French politician Jordan Bardella.


Dossier Jordan Bardella

By Duncan Mil

June 11, 2024 - Twenty-eight-year-old Jordan Bardella could be prime minister of France in a matter of weeks after Emmanuel Macron shocked the nation by calling a snap election.

National Rally’s Marine Le Pen has said she will serve as French president, and her running-mate, Jordan Bardella, would be appointed prime minister if the far-right party wins the upcoming French general election.

The first round will take place on June 30, less than three weeks away, and the run-off will be on July 7.

A provisional count shows that the far-right National Rally (RN), which has shed its racist reputation, won 31.4% of the vote, more than double the 14.6% share of Macron’s centrist alliance.

In his own words, the son of an Italian immigrant uses TikTok and other social platforms -- where he boasts 1.2 million followers -- “to reach out to young people who are depoliticised and become politicised through social media.”

According to the Ipsos survey conducted for Le Monde from April 19 to 24, around a third of 18-24-year-olds (32%) are likely to cast a ballot for Bardella in a general election.

“Our civilisation will die… because it will be submerged by migrants who will have changed our customs, culture, and way of life irreversibly,” Bardella told a recent rally.

On the private side, Jordan Bardella is in a relationship with Nolwenn Olivier, the daughter of Marie-Caroline Le Pen, Philippe Olivier, and the niece of Marine Le Pen.

PUBLISHED: 11/06/2024; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images