Apple doet intrede op markt voor VR-headsets infographic
Graphic shows the VR headset market Apple is entering.


Apple klaar voor confrontatie met leider in VR-headsets, Meta

By Ninian Carter

June 6, 2023 - Apple has launched its first new product line in eight years with the introduction of the Vision Pro VR/AR headset, setting the company up for a showdown with market leader Meta.

Apple has unveiled a very expensive mixed-reality headset, able to create virtual and augmented reality experiences, priced at an eye-watering $3,499.

The “Vision Pro” is Apple’s first new product line since the debut of the Apple Watch in 2015, and marks the culmination of eight years of work and billions of dollars in research and development. It could also be one of the riskiest launches in the company’s history.

The device is designed to be used for work and play, offering spacial computing versions of popular apps like Safari, Mail, Messenger, Keynote, Music and Apple TV – the latter able to show a new version of Disney+, featuring 3D interactive iterations of hit shows like The Mandalorian.

When the Vision Pro launches early next year, it will attempt to redefine a sector that is still in its infancy, in the same way as the Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch did.

However, this time Apple is launching a device with a lofty price tag into a market that hasn’t resonated en masse with consumers yet – and is dominated by Meta’s far cheaper Quest headsets.

Interestingly, Bloomberg reports that Apple is already working on a lower-cost version of the headset as well as an even more upscale version.

As Apple CEO Tim Cook put it, “This is just the beginning”.

PUBLISHED: 06/06/2023; STORY: Graphic News